Legends 17 Adidas Blue Roster

# Name Position Height School Virtual Combine Profile
11 Brooke Benit OH, RS Brighton HS Player Profile
13 Ellie Oliver OH, RS South Lyon East Player Profile
14 Adelyn Davis OH, RS Howell HS Player Profile
15 Megan Lovin Setter, RS Brighton HS Player Profile
16 Jasmine Kiser OH, RS Howell HS Player Profile
17 Amelia Conz MB, RS Milford HS Player Profile
18 Chloe Kiser Setter, RS Howell HS Player Profile
19 Arianna Hood OH Player Profile
20 Amelia Bertand MB Skyline HS Player Profile
23 Breyah Edwards MB, OH Ypsilanti Lincoln HS Player Profile
28 Trina Falan RS, MB Skyline HS Player Profile
33 Mia Manasco DS South Lyon HS Player Profile

Legends 17 Adidas Blue Information

Jayson Oliver

Volleyball Practices:
Mondays 6:30p – 9:30p
Wednesdays 7:30p – 9:30p

Positional Training:
Mondays 6:30p – 7:30p

*Start Date:
November 29, 2021

Sports Performance:


Schedules & times are subject to change

Legends 17 Adidas Blue Tournament Schedule

Date Tournament City
Jan 15-16 Rock N Rumble Cleveland, OH
Feb 5-6 Steel City Freeze Pittsburgh, PA
Feb 19-20 Presidents Day Challenge Detroit, MI
Mar 5-6 Great Lakes Festival Detroit, MI
Mar 19-20 L2 Pre-Qualifier Brighton, MI
Apr 15-17 Windy City National Qualifier Chicago,IL
Apr 23-24 Motor City Madness Pontiac, MI
May 7-8 Can-Am Classic Detroit, MI
May 28-29 Kiva Memorial Day Classic Louisville, KY
Jun 4-5 Summerfest Columbus, OH
TBD AAU Nationals Orlando, FL
TBD USAV GJNC’s Must Qualify Indianapolis, IN

Schedules are subject to change