Legacy Baseball offers individual, small group, and team lessons.  Our professional staff, is up to date using the newest technology including Blast Motion, Rapsodo hitting and pitching, and HitTrax.

With a positive environment and the help of professional teaching, our players will learn how to take their game to the next level. Students will leave the lesson with a better understanding of how to use their mind and body to reach peak performance.

Lessons Offered:

Individual Rates:
1/2 hour – $45
1 Hour – $90

How to sign up for individual lessons: 

  • Click on DaySmart and Sign into Account
  • Click on Reservation tab on the top of the page
  • Change “Type” to Baseball lessons and input your time frame. (Dates and Times will show up)
  • Click on the time(s) you are interested in and reserve.

Click here to sign up for group lessons.

Spring Break Camp

Home over break? Join our professional staff to develop your all-around baseball skills! Coaches will break down fundamentals and teach in game situations. Players will be put in live game at bats to make sure their on-field performance is improving!

Dates: March 27 – 29
Time: 9:00a
Cost: $120

Spring Break Alternative

The Spring Alternative is designed for players that don’t have the opportunity to play ball in the spring but need to get ready for their summer travel season. Our staff will use Mondays for skill building, and Wednesdays for scrimmages. The combination of practice and live reps will help players get ready for summer ball.

Date: Mondays and Wednesdays starting 4/3 and ending 5/20
Times: Mondays – 7:30-9:00 in the batting tunnels, Wednesdays 7:30-9:00 on field #1
Ages: 14-18
Cost: $300

Velocity House

Velocity House throwing will work in four phases for 16 weeks to develop pitchers. On-Ramping (stretching out phase/long toss), Velocity training, Mound Blending, and Mound Development. The primary goals of the program will be to develop Strength, Velocity, Pitch Design, and Command.

Sports Performance
Velocity House Sports Performance is a 20 week development plan that includes a thorough FMS screening to evaluate shoulder and arm health. 3-4 days per week of strength training programmed for the individual, as well as designed meal plans appropriate to meet your dietary needs.

Velocity House Pitching Visual

Skills Classes

Triple Crown
Hitting: Players will focus on swing mechanics and drills to improve timing, contact and power. Hitters will use the HitTrax for instant feedback on important metrics like exit velocity, launch angle and distance.

Young Arms
Pitching : Pitchers will learn how to warm-up properly with the use of Jaeger bands and our Legacy throwing progression. PFP’s and pickoff moves will be taught to create a well-rounded pitcher!

Receive It – Block It – Throw It
Catchers Club: Catchers will baseline test to measure pop times, receiving skills and blocking ability. Players will get quality reps with machine training and drills to promote quickness in their feet and hands.

Summer Showcase

The College Exposure Showcase creates an opportunity for athletes to display their baseball skills in peak form in front of college coaches. Upon completion, players will receive their evaluation and showcase videos for their own recruiting purposes. Over 25 college programs will be in attendance.

College Prep Showcase

15+ colleges will be represented at every event. Each player will be provided with a full evaluation including Rapsodo data with social media presence. legacy staff will follow up with all athletes to provide video of their performance that they can use for their own recruitment. Check dash for current offerings.

College Camps

Get trained by players from Michigan & Michigan State! These camps offered over the holiday season will focus on specific skills and the overall improvement of the player.  Guest speakers and instructors will vary depending on the camp and time of year.

Pro Camps

MLB Minor League Players and the Legacy staff will be leading the 3-day camps. The camp will consist of training in all facets of the game, fielding, hitting and pitching with professional advice and drills from MiLB players and Legacy staff. Athletes attending will have allotted time for a Q&A and autographs with the players and coaches.

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    In addition to having some of the most professional & experienced baseball instructors, Legacy also uses video, advanced technology, and analytics to assist improving player development & skills.

    This advanced technology includes:

    • Rapsodo
    • Pocket Radar
    • HitTrax
    • Radar Guns