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Welcome to Advanced-level Legacy Basketball Skills Training. Programming is available to athletes 4th grade – 12th grade however, some programming may vary in age requirements. Although we train athletes of various ages, skill-sets and levels of interest, our programming is designed to prepare athletes for high school basketball. Beginners of basketball may want to try out our Jr-Level/Legacy Recreation options before enrolling in our advance-level training programs. Below is a description of the program types we provide.

Contact Coach Fox will your basketball training questions – 313.727.9435

  • Small Group Training
  • Clinics
  • Camps
  • Training Series
  • House League

Legacy Basketball Small- Group Training

Legacy Basketball Skills Training sessions are 60-minutes long. Our small group (1-8 Athletes) training program runs all year round. Players will learn and improve upon the five pillars of basketball skill: Dribbling – Passing – Scoring – Moving without the ball – Catching. Small group training is the best way for novice basketball athletes to develop their skills in preparation for competitive play. Every session will focus on simple skills that will create a foundation for advanced actions and concepts moving forward. Our coaching staff is excellent at meeting athletes where they are emotionally and skill-wise in route to developing competitive – competent & contributing basketball players.

Summer Sessions with Mya Hicks:

Session 1: July 3 – July 31 | 5:30-6:30, 6-8 yr olds | 6:30-7:30, 8-10 yr olds
Session 2: August 7 – August 30 | 5:30-6:30, 6-8 yr olds | 6:30-7:30, 8-10 yr olds

Legacy Basketball Skills Training Referral Program

We have a new and exciting referral program where you can earn Legacy Training Dollars toward Legacy training Camps – Clinics & Training Series.

How do you earn Legacy Training Dollars?

  • Invite an athlete and parent to take advantage of a free small-group training lesson.
  • The athlete can use their free session on the same day as your athlete or on a different day.
  • Athlete’s parent must be present for the free session.
  • Once executed – you’ll earn $25 you can use toward Legacy Basketball Training Programming.
  • Each referral is worth $25 – multiple referrals can be stacked and redeemed.

Purchasing and using or Basketball Training Membership/Passes
To purchase your Training Membership or Training Passes please create a DaySmart account or log into your existing account.

DaySmart – Legacy Center

From your DaySmart homepage find and click the “Membership & Passes” icon on the left-hand menu bar. Add your preferred Pass pack or the Training Membership to your cart, and checkout. Please make sure you select the correct athlete for the membership or passes.
To apply your Membership or Passes for your preferred training dates go to “Drop In – Events” —> Scroll to select your training date —> Your athletes age group (add to cart) —> Click the shopping cart in the upper right hand corner —> Select registrant —> Apply Pass —> Checkout

Questions about training?  Marv Fox 313.727.9435

Questions about purchasing or using your Membership or Passes? Dan  Nealy 517.937.9408

Camps / Clinics

Skills Camps

Legacy Shooting Camp – The Legacy Shooting Camp is 2 day and 6 hours of intense instruction to improving shot mechanics – basketball shooting-IQ & confidence. Every camp day will work on spot-up shooting – shooting on the move – shooting off the dribble – triple-threat shooting – foul-line shooting. A 3-hour camp day gives our training staff time to assess form – suggest adjustments & initiate new habits for sustained success.

Legacy Skills Academy Camp – The Legacy Skill Academy Camp is 4 days and 16 hours for skill building – games & basketball performance training. The basketball training staff uses every inch of the Legacy facility to create a fun, safe and developmental experience that enhance basketball skill – athleticism & character.

Shooting Clinics

Shooting – The Legacy Shooting Clinic is a 2.5-hour session devoted to improving shot mechanics – basketball shooting-IQ & confidence. Every session will work on spot shooting – shooting on the move – shooting off the dribble – triple-threat shooting – foul-line shooting. 2.5 hours gives our training staff time to assess form – suggest adjustments – initiate new habits for sustained success. Only 30 spots available per session.

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Dribbling and Finishing – The Legacy Dribbling and Finishing Clinic is 2.5 sessions devoted to improving separation with the dribble – physicality on the drive – finishing dexterity. Every session will offer non-contact drills to introduce and develop skill before contact then offer contact-situational drills to provide opportunities for application. Only 30 spots available.

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Jr. Train and Play – House League

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The Jr. Train & Play is an opportunity for middle school athletes to:

  • Transition from the recreation basketball level to the advanced basketball level.
  • Develop competitive spirit and emotional management.
  • Play in an environment where referees hold players more accountable through advanced officiating.

The Jr. Train and Play will occur two times a week for the duration of the program. Every session will focus on team-play and skill development to start. By the 3rd week, one day will be devoted to practice and the other day will be dedicated to games.

Benefits and Features:

  • Cost-effective and time-efficient way to help athletes develop confidence in basketball
  • Emotional intelligence curriculum additive to improve emotional awareness and control
  • Referees will be obligated to explain in-game violations to help athletes improve their understanding of the game
  • Two-night per week commitment – no weekend play
  • Constant communication from the coaching staff on game-plan and curriculum updates
  • Creating a controlled environment for athletes to mature emotionally – skillfully – & physically
Training Series

Legacy Basketball Skills Academy – Session 1

The Legacy Basketball Skill Academy is a 4 week/8 session program designed to teach kids how to play team basketball in a 3on3 setting versus a 5on5 setting. The Skills Academy may focus on: Pick and Roll play – Screening and Cutting or Dribble-drive off-ball movement. This program is a great for helping athletes transition out of recreation programming onto the advance basketball level.

Get ready for the high school season

Get ready for the high school season – The “Get Ready for High School” series convers specific concepts every high school basketball athlete should know to be a consistent in-game contributor. Concepts covered are: Playing with physicality – Finishing plays – Being an off-ball scorer. Skills are worked on using situational training that will increase skill – basketball IG & game-time readiness.