Lessons / Training

Legacy Basketball specializes in all aspects of player and team development.  We have an array of programs and skill development classes as well as team training to sign up for. Our professional trainers are highly skilled with experience of playing, coaching and teaching at every level of basketball.

Legacy Basketball Training is a 60-minute training session. Our small group (1-6 Athletes) training program is the most effective program that we run. This program runs all year round. Players will learn proper shooting technique, footwork, dribbling, defense, physical and mental toughness, and how to play multiple positions. Our professional trainers have trained thousands of players, both boys and girls of all ages, from elementary school to professional players. All players must register online at least 48 hrs. prior to the session. 

Small Group Training Passes:
– 1 Pass – $65
– 4 Passes – $200
– 8 Passes – $360

Small Group Training Membership (Best Value):
-Duration: 1 year commitment
-Amount: $109.99 (Legacy Club Basketball Players) | $129.99 (Non Club Basketball Players)
-Includes up to 5 Classes Per Month
-Availability: For any Small Group Training Class
-Additional Training, Classes & Camps 30% discount with the Basketball Training Membership
-The Training Membership can start at anytime

Purchasing and using or Membership/Passes
To purchase your Training Membership or Training Passes please create a DASH account or log into your existing account. Please follow the link to create or log into your existing account.

DASH – Legacy Center

From your DASH homepage scroll down and find and click the “Add Membership” or “Add Pass” link. Add your preferred Pass pack or the Membership to cart, and checkout.

To apply your Membership or Passes for your preferred training dates go to “Registration” —> Select the athlete you are registering —> “Basketball Training” —> Your athletes proper group —> Select Dates —> Continue and Checkout.

Questions about training? Jamey Petree 248.252.1224

Questions about purchasing or using your Membership or Passes? Dan  Nealy 517.937.9408

Get Ready For Your Basketball Season Training Series

Get Ready for the Your Season is a collection of basketball offensive concepts that every team member will need to be effective for the up-and-coming basketball season. The concepts taught in this Training series will make your athlete more assertive and confident with the ball in hand. Get Ready for the High School Basketball Season & Training Series atmosphere will be highly intense. Highly focused finding success through the techniques presented during sessions. A great opportunity to work on needed skills in an intense – but low-pressure environment conducive to learning – development – execution.

Lead Coach: Marv Fox Jr / Skill Development Coach (15 plus years) / Former College Basketball Coach (10 years). Get Ready for Your Season & Training series will take place in the fall. Check DASH for current offerings.

Co-Ed offering / Grades: 9 – 12

Finish with contact – Training series 
• Learn effective drills to develop your off-hand
• Learn 4 highly effective ways to protect the ball and finish with contact
• Learn when to use 1-foot finishes vs 2-foot finishes
• Learn how to score over bigger defenders
• Learn how to finish in tight spaces

Shoot with contact – Training series 
• Learn footwork techniques to improve shot quickness/readiness
• Learn how to use screens
• Learn how to play off the drives
• Develop the confidence to shoot under pressure
• Learn how to shoot in tight spaces

Camps / Clinics

Skills Camps

Legacy Basketball Skill Camps focus on individual skill development in a group setting. Players will be challenged and will be expected to compete and perform at a high pace. There will be some position specific and skill specific camps throughout the year that include Dribbling, Finishing, Post Play, and Guard Skills. These camps will be limited in space to maximize coach to player ratio. Lead by Coach Jamey Petree and Marv Fox.

Legacy Basketball Skill Camps will take place in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Check DASH for current offerings.

Co-Ed, Boys & Girls Camps offered / Grades: 3 – 12

Shooting Clinics

Coach Petree has over 20 years of experience teaching shooting fundamentals. Coach Petree has worked with clients in the NBA, Overseas Professionals, Collegiate Athletes, and players at every level of basketball. These dynamic shooting clinics will cover: Form Shooting / Stationary Catch and Shoot / How to properly use screens / 3-point Shooting / Mid-Range Shooting / Transition Shooting / Free Throws

Basketball Shooting Clinics will be scheduled throughout the year. Check DASH for current offerings.

Co-Ed offering / Grades: 3– 12

Showcase Camps

Legacy Basketball Showcase camps are designed to give athletes an opportunity to compete against top competition, receive expert coaching and receive helpful feedback to help in their development. Depending on the age group college coaches will be invited and in attendance. Showcases will provide LiveBarn live streaming. Players will take part in a dynamic warm-up, and speed & agility training. Players will take part of 2 full games and 1 mini game & 1 team practice session. Players will also be placed by position in competitive and dynamic skill sessions to work on their overall skills while learning how to compete against other players at their position. Receive a thorough typed evaluations on your athletes’ strengths and weaknesses.

Legacy Basketball Showcase Camps will take place in the fall & summer. Check DASH for current offerings.

Boys & Girls Camps offered / Grades: 6 – 12

House Training Leagues

House League

The Legacy Basketball Club House League will focus on building basketball skills and IQ within a team concept. Athletes will develop into improved productive players through 3 on 3, 4 on 4, and 5 on 5 game-time situations. The “House League” will teach your athlete how to compete without the pressure of a referee or scoreboard with the hopes of improving basketball skill, IQ, and decisiveness along the way. Travel basketball is an awesome way to measure ability and performance however, some athletes need a less pressured and more instructional playing experience to reach their maximum potential.

Lead Coach: Marv Fox Jr / Skill Development Coach (15 plus years) / Former College Basketball Coach (10 years). Assistants all come with playing and coaching experience

Basketball House Leagues will be scheduled throughout the year. Check DASH for current offerings.

Co-Ed offering / Grades: 3– 8