Youth 7v7 Club Teams / Locations

The Legacy Football Organization organizes, manages and directs youth & High School 7 v 7 Clubs across the Country. Legacy 7 v 7 Club Coaching Staffs consists of former College & NFL players as well as current HS coaches. Each Club Staff includes a QB, WR, LB and DB Coach.

About Legacy 7v7

Each 7 v 7 Club hosts its own respective tryout. Each city will have 1 – 4 Clubs depending on the size of their home facility. Each Club will consist of 14 – 20 players.


Our programs include educational resources such as ACT/SAT Prep Classes, as well as seminars and workshops on College Planning, Organization Skills. Legacy 7v7 Clubs also educate and assist with the College Application Process.


Our Recruiting 101 Seminar is included with each club. We also present Hudl Film “Do’s & Dont’s”, How 2 Brand Yourself, and other important resources for Football College Exposure.

Parent Meeting:

All 7 v 7 Clubs will have a Mandatory Parent Meeting that will serve as an orientation.


7 v 7 Club Teams will participate in the Legacy 7 v 7 Statewide League, the largest statewide league in the country. Each team will play 3 games in 25 minute blocks each weekend of competition.


7 v 7 Clubs will have 3 – 4 scheduled practices that last approximately 2 2 1/2 hours. Practices will include the following:

  • Chalk Talk
  • Dynamic Warm Up
  • Agility Training
  • Positional & Fundamental Training
  • Competitive One on Ones
  • Competitive Group Sessions
  • Offensive & Defensive Install
  • Competitive 7 v 7

Youth Showcases

Opportunity for youth football players to showcase their skills in front of media and be evaluated by national circuits.

Youth Leagues

For more information about joining our Winter or Spring youth 7v7 league as an outside club please email

Youth Football Camps

Youth football camps hosted with the Legacy Center Sports Complex including the Glick Family Foundation Youth Camp, Mike Martin Youth Gauntlet, Xenith Prep Kickoff Classic Youth Camp at SAY Detroit, and LEAD Foundation Youth Football Camp.

Youth Football Training

Youth football training to develop skills, fundamentals, and confidence on the field. Legacy’s staff of former NFL and College Football players offers individual football training, group, and team training.