The Academy

Academy is a fast-paced learning environment that focuses on training the skills of the game. Athletes will be pushed out of the comfort zone by trying new skills while ensuring proper technique. We use the different levels to ensure all players are growing in their skill work.

We found that building on what you learned last practice is the most effective way to change a habit. Academy will run for 6 sessions in each month of September, October and November. Sessions will run Mondays and Wednesdays at $25 / session.

Junior Academy is meant for the beginner volleyball player – 0-2 years of club experience. Register for Juniors Here

Advanced Academy is meant for our 13 and younger 1s or 2s team. This is also great for the players that have more than 2 years of club experience. Register for Advanced Here

Elite Academy is reserved for players on any clubs 1s or 2s National Team. This is to help make sure that no one is falling behind or in a group that will hinder their learning and advancement. Register for Elite Here

Dates: Monday / Wednesdays
Times: Boys/Juniors/Advanced | 5:00-6:30p, Elite | 6:30-8:00p
Cost: $25 / Session

Volleyball Private Lessons

Several of our coaches offer private lessons to train athletes in the various skills of passing, serving, hitting, defense, or setting. Check out our coaches and their availability!

Kristen Althouse
Kristen Althouse is a former Division I Middle and has been a club director for 5 years. She likes to work with the younger ages best. She can teach all skills at all levels of play.

Mackenzi Welsh
Mackenzi Welsh is a former Big Ten setter from University of Michigan. She is also a former professional volleyball player who played overseas in Puerto Rico. Her main focus is training Setters but can teach all skills and likes to work with all age groups.

Amber Hildebrandt
Between playing and coaching, Amber has over 11 years of NCAA D1 experience. She played at Oakland University and was fortunate enough to come back and be on staff when they won their first ever program championship and made an appearance in the NCAA Tournament. She continued on to both Appalachian State and Xavier University as an Assistant Coach, and then wrapped up back at Oakland where she was both the Associate and Interim Head Coach.  She has worked with every position and has coached both the offensive and defensive sides of the game.

If you would like to add more people to your lesson, please contact Kristen Althouse to make the changes. (

Beach Academy

These sessions will be open to all players from any club who are looking to learn or grow their beach game. No partners are necessary for training or competition dates, plus players may sign up for each session individually!

Sessions are offered to players of all skill levels by the following age groups: 12U/14U/16U/18U. If you are brand new to beach, or looking to extend your career collegiately, you will be able to learn and grown in these sessions at the pace necessary for yourself!

In these training sessions, players will learn and improve on their skills and knowledge of the beach game. You will be given constructive feedback, maximize repetitions, and break down all skills necessary to compete on beach court.

On our Competition days, players may pick their partners but will be assigned one based on age/level if you do not have one. These days will run as competitive drills, matches, and games in a ladder style. Although these days will be full of competition, the players will still receive feedback and coaching from our staff during their matches.